Tuesday, April 25, 2006

6. Emily/Lorelai Essay Part 5- Conclusion

Every individual and rare compliment Emily has given Lorelai damages the foundation in the barrier they keep between each other. Every individual and rare expression Lorelai has made to reconnect with her mom, out of her own free will, weakens the strength of their barrier as well. We have been given few, but many little moments over the seasons to expose the connection these women still have despite whatever keeps them away. It proves that there is always potential for them to bond. And now that foundations have loosened and the winds have changed direction, perhaps we will see this potential expressed on our screens, before the series’ end.

Hopefully, this only gets better. With age, time, and more episodes. May ASP have a plan for these two, have it be a very positive plan, and not waver from it!

P.S. My total and complete guess, is that significant changes occurred during the ‘behind the scenes’ scenes of the episode 6.13 FND. They talked about “You should have married Christopher.” They talked about how Lorelai ran to Emily/Richard for help in 5.22 and they dismissed her and disrespected her. Also, I am ignoring the very likely speculation that Emily and Richard had been searching real estate in Stars Hollow because they were considering buying Luke and Lorelai a house, rather than Emily and Richard seriously considering hauling their high-classism into the small town permanently.

P.P.S. Please feel free to read, review, and uh, since I missed out on SO much stuff that could be talked about and discussed, fill in my blanks. Especially if any singular moments tug at your heartstrings.

So ends my LONG LONG Essay. Hope you liked it...


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