Sunday, April 23, 2006

5. Emily/Lorelai Essay Part 4
A Look Inside Lorelai Cont...

Another big problem is she often feels like she’s still a child or a rebellious teen who doesn’t deserve respect from them, who constantly is under their watch and control because they don’t think she’s smart enough to make adult decisions for herself. Even little things she is faced over 5 years of this show prove this: Examples include when Lorelai is afraid to let Emily know of her money problems (4.05). In season 5, the big proofs include when, Emily went behind Lorelai’s back to get Christopher because Emily felt that “Lorelai was taking herself down a very disastrous path” and “I had to jump in.” The problem got even bigger when Emily and Richard went against Lorelai and accepted that Rory move in with them, making Lorelai feel not only backstabbed, but as if her parents still do not respect her nor her decisions, even when it comes to raising her own daughter.

She tries to hide her feelings when she can-being sarcastic, making jokes…but in all truth of the matter, Lorelai hates to feel like she’s belittled and disrespected by her mother. And she especially hates the fact that her parents still treat her like a teenager who can’t make the right decisions herself, even when Lorelai has spent 21 years independently making a life for herself that SHE feels is right for her.

I feel the shift starts in episode 6.14, we see the first teeny signs of Emily and Richard’s acceptance of Luke and of Lorelai’s impending marriage. They give legal advice. They show interest in their affairs as a ‘team.’ Emily even compliments Lorelai’s job at the Inn, having a high rating. And Emily, not much sooner, does her annoying Emily thing and puts the news of the wedding in the paper. The more recent episode seems to add more dimension to the shift, and hopefully solidifies the transition. Emily, in her very subtle way, expresses acceptance of Lorelai’s choices in her future. Not only does she compliment the renovations in the living room (not by complimenting it, but by saying 5 times how different it is), but she says “I can see you and Luke here” and compliments the house as being “warm and homey.” In her way, she is showing, little by little, that she is accepting and respecting Lorelai’s decisions in where she lives and where Lorelai feels is her home. The automatic way Emily says “You and Luke” as if they are instinctively paired, shows me that Emily is accepting him.

And by the way Lorelai says the words “Wow. Thank you, Mom,” being taken aback by Emily’s comment, shows how thankful Lorelai really is to hear such flattering, positive words coming from her mother. As Lorelai says in 2.02: “You think your words don’t have any effect on me, but they do.” Nothing is ever further from the truth.

Off-handedly, the fact that the Gilmores are considering getting a place in Stars Hollow (for the kids L/L are going to have), tells me again, that they want to be involved in Lorelai’s life moreso. And not only that, but they are agreeing to do it on LORELAI’S terms. (Without Lorelai’s consent, of course) What a change from the past.


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