Saturday, April 08, 2006

2. Emily/Lorelai Essay Part 1

Breaking Barriers
An informal analysis of the conflicts in the Lorelai/Emily Relationship
By: MickeyJr
Dedicated to the Misinterpreters and Vicious Trollups at Fanforum.


That scene in 6.17 was such a touching mother/daughter moment: “I can see you and Luke here.” “Wow…thanks Mom.’ I think what makes is so great, is LG’s delivery of her line. Seriously, her and Kelly Bishop are nothing less than astonishing in their scenes together. I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking of the scene, how Emily, in her own non-chalent, way, is expressing acceptance of Lorelai’s choice in home and in partner. I felt like Lorelai felt. Aww…it’s just such a moment that we rarely see in Gilmore Girls-a moment when the protective walls both women have created between them melt away, and you realize how close they are and can be, despite their heavy history. I just get so excited, knowing that, although Lorelai feels inclined to push Emily away from a Stars Hollow visit, as much as she SAYS she’s annoyed with seeing her mother (as it sometimes happens to be IRL anyway), nevertheless, they are still mother and daughter, and they are keeping their bonds. How, I don’t know…some sort of emotional thing.

Anyway, this scene just made me start thinking about how the Mother/Daughter relationship has significantly altered within two scenes this season. The most significant things about their relationship, which we’ve been told for years, has changed so that the relationship has almost turned on its axis. There is something so compelling about this relationship in this show, that I have to step in and write an essay. Don’t mind me.

What makes this season so good, is the ‘tables have turned’ aspect shown in 6.09 and 6.17 knocking us pleasantly off balance. The relationship between mother/daughter has been written for 5 years as being complicated and tense…both bring a lot of baggage to their relationship and both have important problems they could never get over, which have helped found and maintain the barriers they keep between each other. I hope my analysis is in tune with where ASP is going in her family story.


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