Saturday, April 08, 2006

1. Welcome to the Sanctuary!
Intelligent Design Had Nothing To Do With It

So here it is! A place (for me) to post all my silly ramblings that take up tons of space on my computer...from Luke and Lorelai stuff, to Rory, to Lorelai/Emily, to freak-outs about future episodes and how insane AS-P is. I'm pretty much spoiler-free, except for promos and episode descriptions for the following week's episode. If I start talking about spoilers, I promise I will headline it and put warnings all over the place. Recommendations of music, music videos and fanfiction will also be posted.

What mostly inspired my use of this website, was when several people at FanForum suggested I use it to post my Emily/Lorelai essay in segments. It's the easiest way to read it. So thank you guys! Enjoy!

Note that this website has neither GG fanart, nor avatars. It's literally as April Nardini expressed in her website: I have no intention to make this pretty. My sanctuary is a very simple place, and heavily content-based. And besides, I have no idea how to work pictures in here. Rather than worrying about how to, I simply decide to not care.



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